Dales Highlighted In Hansard

Feb 7, 2024 | News, Technical

Maggie Throup MP, Member of Parliament for Erewash, spotlighted Dales recent investment in a new SafanDarley 4m Hybrid press brake during the Finance bill debate on the 2023 Capital Investment Superdeduction, as reported in Hansard.

In February 2023, we installed a 4m SafanDarley Hybrid press brake at our larger factory in Ilkeston.

The machine boasts a 30% boost in productivity, with significantly reduced setup times.

It is also 50% more energy efficient and uses around 95% less hydraulic oil than its predecessor. This has been significant in helping us to positively manage our environmental output, in line with ISO 14001 standards.

The press brake has a bending length of 4 meters, making it perfect for handling larger aluminium sheets. Additionally, it combines the advantages of both hydraulic and electric systems, meaning it is highly precise when bending. This precision ensures accurate bending angles and dimensions, crucial for aluminium fabrication where tolerances are often tight.

The 4m press brake was purchased as part of our rolling investment programme. We were able to claim a super-deduction, the predecessor of full expensing, This meant that we were able to purchase additional tooling simultaneously, which has been an invaluable investment.

Our chairman, Karl Prosser, said:

“In reality, we would have inevitably deferred that additional tooling purchase without the super deduction, thus meaning we wouldn’t have had 100 percent of the benefits of our new machinery from day one and would have been effectively denied access to some types of work that went beyond typical industry-standard sizes.”

You can read the full Hansard transcript here: Finance Bill – Hansard – UK Parliament

Maggie Throup MP on a recent visit, being shown Dales new SafanDarley 4m Hybrid press brake

Maggie Throup MP, on a recent visit, being shown Dales SafanDarley 4m Hybrid press brake

Watch the delivery and set up of our SafanDarley 4m Hybrid press brake

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