Dales Achieves ISO 14001:2015 !

Jan 23, 2024 | Legislation, News

Dales have been awarded ISO 14001:2015 certification following a successful two-stage audit. This achievement marks Dales commitment to reducing environmental impact.

The globally recognized ISO 14001:2015 standard provides organisations with frameworks for actively managing environmental responsibilities, and measures to reduce output, achieve targets, and comply with legal requirements.

Dales Managing Director, Andy Purdy, has been eager to establish our commitment to environmental excellence since his appointment in January 2023. His first management decision was that Dales must achieve ISO 14001:2015 by the end of 2023.

Over the past few years, Dales has made substantial environmental improvements. This includes introducing greener vehicles to our fleet, installing LED lighting, significantly reducing our paper usage, and upgrading our paint plant oven burners.

Dales Chairman, Karl Prosser, said:

“Our ISO-14001 journey effectively began several years before we went for certification with a wide range of environmental improvements, which ranged from opening our brand new ‘chromate-free’ powder coating plant to introducing the latest energy efficient machinery, vehicles & lighting in order to reduce our environmental impact. 

The work to gain ISO-14001 certification has taken these environmental initiatives to a much more formal level and established the essential framework that our environmental committee can build upon in the coming years, thereby helping us towards our ultimate future goal of net-zero.”

Our ISO 9001:2015 independent auditors of 30 years conducted the audit over October and December 2023. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, particularly praising staff enthusiasm:

“Staff observed and interviewed during the audit demonstrated dedication and passion for the environment.” […] “The organization believes in the benefits the system brings, rather than having it in place just because it’s required.”

In November 2023, Dales’ environmental team held their inaugural meeting.  The team will routinely meet to discuss considerations and review solutions, ensuring continual improvement. Dales will actively uphold and enhance environmental management systems, meeting ISO 14001:2015 criteria.

Thank you to our auditor and brilliant team for their invaluable support in reaching this milestone.

To view and download our ISO 14001:2015 certificate, go to our certifications page.

Explore Dales’ Environmental Policy here. 

Dales Achieves Certification to ISO 14001:2015 following Intertek audit
Dales Environmental Team

Dales Environmental Team. From left to right: Sam Frost, Project Manager; Karl Prosser, Company Chairman; Nicola Chambers, Financial Director; Reece Oates, Welder. 

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