Closed Loop Recycling Scheme Founding Member

Oct 6, 2020 | News, Technical

Now officially launched from the initial pilot scheme, the Council for Aluminium in Building continues to spearhead its Closed Loop Recycling environmental initiative intended to further improve aluminium’s sustainable credentials. Dales Fabrications Ltd are pleased to be confirmed as one of the Founder members of the scheme. Our environmental and our responsible sourcing policies can be found here.


The Council for Aluminium in Building Closed-Loop Recycling scheme aims to maintain specific ‘grades’ of aluminium alloy scrap, rather than lumping different grades together. The CAB scheme maintains higher grades of aluminium, which improves scrap and reduces the waste that can occur when offcuts are mixed.


The increasing popularity of the CAB’s Closed Loop Recycling Scheme has far reaching implications for aluminium in the UK where smelters are keen to take ‘clean’ scrap back into their production cycle. The end scrap product of clean, chipped, alloy of a specific grade, can remain in the UK and be recycled into billet for further extrusion.


This is much better for the environment than the mixed and low-grade scrap that smelters typically receive being shipped out of the UK.


Benefits of the scheme include a higher value for the scrap removed and some very powerful green credentials for clients, architects and contractors. Further information about the scheme is available on the CAB Website or by emailing us on


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