Anodising vs Polyester Powder Coating

Sep 9, 2022 | News, Products, Technical

Fascia Soffit (Facetted and Tapered)

United Anodisers Anodised Aluminium: Anolok Bronze 541

If you are unsure of which finish you would like on your Dales products, this article covers the benefits of both anodised finishes and architectural polyester powder coating.


United Anodisers Anodised Aluminium: Anolok Bronze 541

United Anodisers Anodised Aluminium: Anolok Bronze 541

Anodised Aluminium: 

1. Anodising is a low maintenance, high performance product with practically no UV fade that is ideal for aggressive environments. These include locations with high levels of UV light such as marine and coastal areas.


2. With a wide range of colours and an attractive metallic sheen that changes with the angle of view, anodising is a fantastic premium product that many aspire to. Whilst it may stretch, or even break the budget, the low maintenance characteristics and lifetime guarantee offered means many clients will choose anodised finish in preference to architectural polyester powder coating.


3. Every anodised item will vary in appearance and a consistently uniform finish is almost impossible to achieve. This echos the way pieces of natural stone, wood or slate will vary. This is a fundamental characteristic of anodising and is a primary difference between it and paint finishes such as architectural polyester powder coating.


4. In fact, the variance and shading differences that occur across anodised products are a primary reason to choose anodising to protect your building. The key point is that if you want a uniform colour finish, anodising is probably not the right finish for you.


5. With the exception of the Traditional range of rainwater pipes, Dales products are available in anodised finish by United Anodisers in a range of over 30 colours.

Solar Shades RAL 7032 Matt Pebble Grey

Syntha Pulvin RAL 7032 Matt Pebble Grey

Architectural Polyester Powder Coatings:

6. If you want a low maintenance, robust finish in an impressively wide colour palette offering different gloss levels even for relatively small production runs of bespoke products, then architectural polyester powder coating is what you need. The colours and finishes for polyester powder coating are developing all the time.


7. Dales aluminium products are also available in Powdertech Special Effect powder coatings, which include simulated Corten and other unique finishes such as Stone, Timber, Verdi Gris and Terracotta.


8. One of the benefits of using powder coatings is the vast array of colours you can choose from. Syntha Pulvin have various colour ranges from RAL and BS to Metallic and Anodite. Syntha Pulvin Anodite colours are a great alternative to anodised aluminium as they offer a simulated anodised finish at a much lower cost.


9. Dales use only Syntha Pulvin powders in their second factory, which houses their Syntha Pulvin Approved Applicator facility.


10. Alternatively, we are happy to provide our products in Interpon D1036 & D2525, Tiger Drylac, and Axalta powders applied only by each manufacturer’s Approved Applicator. Using the manufacturer’s Approved Applicator ensures that crucial pre-treatments necessary are correctly completed to the aluminium before the powder is electrostatically applied to ensure the paint’s full performance.


Secret Fix Soffit Panels

Interpon D1036 RAL 1036 Matt Pearl Gold

Colours and Finishes

Free colour samples from each of the colour ranges, whether anodised or powder coated can be ordered by selecting individual colours on each range page.


For colour samples of product profiles, please contact us on Tel: 0115 930 1521.


Colours on screen may not exactly match colour samples due to variances between electronic display-screens.





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