1,000 Aluminium Rainscreen Panels for New Hotel

Jul 1, 2019 | Equipment, News, Products, Projects in Progress

Over 1,000 of the new Spalding-Micro Aluminium Rainscreen Panels from Dales were coated in record time during July in its recently opened Syntha Pulvin Approved Architectural PPC factory in Ilkeston.

The system was installed on the Voco St John’s Hotel in Solihull by TNV Construction Ltd and the order was secured through GSF Supplies Ltd.

The small and narrow panels give a contemporary look and four different, terracotta-style colours from the Syntha Pulvin Basic colour range; RAL 8002 Matt, RAL 8004 Matt, RAL 8012 Matt and RAL 8016 Matt were specified by the architects.

Dales designed and manufactured the entire aluminium cladding system providing the Weatherstuck wall coping, All system & drip flashings (inc. ventilation), Window Surround System (inc. Jamb, Head & Cill flashings both with ventilation) all  coated in Syntha Pulvin RAL 7016 Matt with column-casings in Syntha Pulvin RAL 7001 Matt. A proprietary helping hand and rail support system was supplied by Dales as part of its design and supply package.

Voco St John’s Hotel in Solihull is one of a new brand from the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), which are designed to appeal through each hotel’s individual but unstuffy character, providing a memorable but relaxed stay for all their guests.

Environmentally friendly Non-chromate Pre-treatment

Electrostatically applied Syntha Pulvin Architectural PPC

Purpose-made jigs improve quality and efficiency

Palletised and wrapped components

Voco St John's Hotel, Solihull: Spalding-Micropanel in Solid Sheet Aluminium 1050 Alloy, RAL 8002, RAL 8004, RAL 8012, RAL 8016 (Matt)

Completed installation on Voco St John’s Hotel, Solihull

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