Colour Refresh

Sep 25, 2023 | News, Products

Our quarterly colour refresh: 

Dales proudly boasts an extensive and ever-evolving colour range. Our quarterly colour refresh ensures our colours page best reflects range size & availability. As part of the most recent update, 26 new colours have been added to our RAL & BS colours page, ranging from bolder colours such as Irish Green and Post Office Red to more understated shades like Goose Grey & Gardenia.

Our broad selection of colours allows us to assist you in finding the perfect finish for any project. We design our range with current trends and market demand in mind. For instance, grey is one of the most commonly requested colours. As a result, our RAL & BS range alone currently comprises over 40 different shades of grey.

When ordering colour samples, Dales advise it is at the customer’s discretion to confirm availability and delivery times. This is because stock levels fluctuate so regularly. If you require a sample within a particular timeframe, please contact us so that we can confirm stock availability and lead times. You can get in touch by calling us on 0115 930 1521.

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