Aluminium Rainscreen Mimics Rusted Steel

Aug 14, 2020 | News, Products, Projects in Progress, Technical

Over 500m² of Dales Aluminium Rainscreen panels with the visual appearance of rusted steel (Corten steel) have been installed on new student accommodation for the University of Exeter. Longworth Building Services Ltd fitted the DF-System panels with Peat Fire finish on the University’s new Spreytonway & Moberly House blocks.

Both blocks were constructed by Vinci Construction UK Ltd. The blocks are located on the St German’s Road Campus and are part of the Univeristy’s creation of over 1,500 new student bedrooms on the Steatham Campus.

Peat Fire is one of a number of special finishes  including rusted steel, terracotta, verdi gris, timber and stone that Dales offer, which are supplied by Powdertech Corby. Peat Fire is a specialist architectural polyester powder coating that has an independently tested fire rating of A2-s1, d0 (EN BS 13501-1). This complies with the strict requirements for non-combustible cladding on walls contained Building Regs Part B: Fire Safety.

The special technique used in applying the Peat Fire powder coating means every panel is unique, giving the same visual effect as corten steel without the run-off stains that occur with corten.


Dales DF-System aluminium panels during installation

Dales DF-System Aluminium Panels mimic rusted steel

Peat fire is a specialist powder coating so avoids the stains from run off associated with corten steel


Photography by kind permission & copyright of Longworth Building Services Ltd

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