A Journey Through Time to 1999

Mar 6, 2023 | News

The year was 1999. Life was good: the Spice Girls were still together; we were about to celebrate a new millennium; and Andy Purdy, who is now our Managing Director, created our first ever website.


Explore our old websites through the links in this article.


Dales Website from 2005




2010: The release of the first iPad, the birth of One Direction, and the infamous meat dress. All incredibly thrilling things, but not quite as thrilling as the Dales website’s penultimate rebirth before the current site we all know and love.

Dales Website from 2005

Jump forward to 2005 when the soundtrack of our lives remained the delicate yet abrasive sound of dial-up internet.





Screenshot of the archived Dales website from 2010


DISCLAIMER: We understand that time travel is not for everyone, so if you feel slightly light-headed after your journey, please stay seated and sip some ice cold water.

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